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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday - sigh.

good day people. I am at work at it is 8:20 in the morning i shaved last night so i am feeling pretty sharp.  Supposed to be nice out today i feel good about that as well.  surfs up i will be at work, go figure.  got my stuff at the linen store last night for my pac-man costume for this halloween weekend, that should come out alright, i can see it in my head so ya know.  another 6 miles tonight will bring me right near my 20 mile mark for the week.  eating healthy, kinda, late night eating is still a beatch.  but trying.  supposed to be nice out today here in beautiful NJ so stop staring at the computer and get your ass outside. do some pushups, throw a rock i dont give a crap.

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