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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday is here. its dark out. dark fall

hello to nobody. it is Thursday and i have a heck of a weekend in front of me.  tying to run more tonight, that will be 24 miles for the week. booya, work tomorrow, then hopefully run again, toppping off at 30 miles. we'll see. Then i am chillin fri night, then exercising relaxing on saturday, then off to carnival nyc for the night, i will be staying at my friends house on the upper west side so if you want to holla holla. then fishing on my other buddies boat on sunday, gonna catch me a big em , umm hmmmm.   my gf is ite, im sure you were wondering. been cracking jokes, feeling good, drinking a coffee. i played ping pong last night won all five games, one was left handed, get some.

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