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Friday, June 24, 2016

I remember my first #Starbucks

I remember my first #starbucks.

I had completed Grad school and was actively interviewing in NYC and NJ.

I was early for an on-site interview with an IT staffing firm based out of NYC and I found solace in a Starbucks.  I made fun of those people then, and still do, although I now am among the populous.

I was impressed with the young dynamic in NYC, the headphones, the MACs, the hipster/corporate look, and the fact that this generation X was "getting it".

Since that first time, I find myself going back to different locations getting the same drink (venti black w a scoop of ice).

Although I am not as impressed with the populous, I still go back.

Maybe its the cawwfee, maybe its a throwback, but i think that it is a commonality from who i was eight years ago to present.

Whats your story?